Friday, December 31, 2010

Knol Author News

Knol Author News is relaunched in its original Knol.

2010 is a good year for Knol. 2011 must be better. Authors will be more confident. Today 750 new knols are posted. 300 new visitors and authors registered. All these are good numbers. Positive news will spread and more authors will start writing on Knol. Knol is basically a writing platform for academic and learning materials. There are number of knol books now which will highlight new knols written in different subjects. Authors have to search the appropriate book or collection and add their knol to it through submission or comments.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Knol Books - List 1

1. Algorithms - Design, Analysis & Improvement and Applications - Knol Book

2. Auditing - Knol Book

3. Automobile Engineering - Knol Book

4. Basic Electronics - Knol Book

5. Business, Corporate and Managerial Ethics - Knol Book

6. Central Excise - India - Knol Book

7. Chemistry (K-12 or 12th Standard) - Knol Book

8. Communication Skills - Knol Book

9. Computer Architecture & Organization - Knol Book

10. Computer Programs and Programming Languages - Knol Book

List of 100 Knol Books

100 New Knol Books were Started - Knol in Full Bloom

Knol platform has a feature called collections. Using that feature 100 new knol books in different subjects were started. This may give philip to this concept and many more knol books may be launched on the Knol platform. Knol has focus on academic content even though it is an open platform with least policing and censorship. There are now research papers, books, term papers, concept explanations, problems and solutions on Knol to help students as well as executives in their continuous education endeavor. Knol is truly fulfilling the objective with which it was launched. To provide a wiki platform to individuals to take the initiative and provide learning materials in the small units called knols. Many knol authors are doing that job with their abilities. There are number of professors as well a senior executives on Knol contributing their share for the global knowledge transfer project of Google. In year 2010, Knol has grown by at least 100% in number of knols and visitors numbers.

2011 must be a much better year, as social media takes notice of the positive developments on the Knol platform and informs the public the contribution of Knol in the area academic learning materials.

100 New Knol Books List

There will be many gaps in these books to start with. But they will get filled as new knols are written by knol authors to fill these gaps. That is voluntary crowd sourcing works. There will be significant delay or time lag from the time a project is announced to the time it gets completed. In a similar way, the pace of the activity will also be uneven. Sometimes more people participate and sometimes the activity may come to halt.

Collaboration on Knol - Knol Level and Knol Collection Level

On Knol authors can collaborate at two levels. One is at knol level. Authors can develop knols in a collaborative manner. There are many collaborative knols. The other level is to collaborate at collection level.

Number of collections are there on Knol.

Knol books is a concept developed very early on Knol by Medical authors.

Recently there is a big push for this concept with the posting of more than 100 books on various subjects.

List of Knol Books

This idea will get further momentum and more knol books will come into shape. Authors can examine these knol books, identify gaps in these book topics and write new knols and indicate those new knols on the knol books. This sort of collaboration is collection level collaboration. Authors of Knol collections have to show an inclusive attitude and encourage other authors to submit their knols to their collections.

Knol as a social media platform needs cordial relations among authors to succeed in a big way.

India Information - Knol Book

India Information - Knol Book launched.

India Information - Knol Book

Knol offers good facility for developing knol books out of various articles written various authors on Knol on different topics.

Country information knol books can be launched on Knol

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Computer Science and Engineering - Knol Books - Catalogue

Number of books are under development on Knol. These provide useful articles and essays on various issues related to the subjects.

Computer Science and Engineering - Knol Books - Catalogue

The individual books available are:

Algorithms - Design, Analysis & Improvement and Applications - Knol Book

Computer Architecture & Organization - Knol Book

Computer Programs and Programming Languages - Knol Book

Data Structures - Knol Book

Database Management Systems (DBMS) - Knol Book

Software Engineering, Testing and Project Management - Knol Book

Knol doing a good job in providing focused learning materials.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Knol Books to Learn Languages

Knol Books to Learn Languages

Number of authors have written various articles on how to learn various languages of variety or regions.

Also there are youtube videos, Google Docs and Google Books.

Knol books on learning various languages provide various knols written by different knols authors on supporting the learning of a language.

Presently Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korea, Russian, Spanish are available. The knols will increase in due course of time due to inclusion of more knols and also posting of some more knols by knol authors who identify the gaps from these knol books.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Knol Books

Knol Books idea is now actively being pursued. The number of books available is more than 50 now. There are gaps in these books. But the authors may recognize the gaps now more quickly and fill the gaps. Among knol authors also, knol books transfer information very quickly about gaps and availability of articles on various topics of subject.

The books can be accessed through:

Knol Book Catalogue

List of Knol Books by KVSSNRao

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Knol has relative high page rank

Page rank of Knol is 7 and it is relatively high page rank among article sites.

Sites like eHow, Squidoo and Technorati have 8 as page rank.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

1000 New Knols Published on Knol on 17.12.2010

1000 new knols were published today on Knol. It is a good that such a higher number of knols were published without any special effort accompanying it. In English language 866 new knols are published. This number compares well with new articles being published on Wikipedia platform in recent days. On Wikipedia, the number of articles published in English is around 1000 per day. Knol is also slowly approaching that number. As more persons come to know the statistics, more knols will be published.

Knol books are increasing in number and they highlight the scope for writing knols on specific topics in a chapter of a subject.

Knol Book News for some details of Knol books in the area of medicine and management

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bloggers in Favor of Knol

Slowly blog posts writing favorable things about Knol are appearing.

Some of them are:

Wikipedia vs Google Knol
By Becki Noles

It's Knol and No One Else

Visitors to Knol Increasing Day by Day

Narayana Rao, a top ranked knol author reported that daily visitors number to his knol portfolio has gone above 1500.

In the last four months, visitors are increasing and page views also are increasing for the knol portfolio. Number of new knols written on Knol platform also is close to 1000 on many days.

For historical record of NRao visitors numbers and page view numbers

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cost Accouting Knol Book Launched

Number of knol books are getting launched on Knol. Knol has 500,000 knols on various topics providing large number of articles for developing books based on collection basis. The collections also indicate to author topics on which knols are yet to be written. This these knol books provide information to knol authors to write on topics that are not existing.

The cost accounting knol book has now four chapters.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scope for Posting Problems and Examples on Knol

Knol is focused on Study materials for school, College and University Education as well as for continuing education.

In this respect, there is a big scope for teachers and authors to post articles/knols/papers having practice problems in various subjects. Some of them can be given solutions in a separate page or in the same sheet. There is an effort to organize knol books by combing articles of various authors. Hence web pages having only problems also will get promoted as part of some Knol Books.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Knol Book Publishing Facilitated by Knol Collection Feature

Knols books can be published in various ways.

A single author can write the full textbook and some of the chapters or sections can be coauthored by other authors.

Equity Research - Online Textbook on Knol was announced which will be developed on the basis of single author knol textbook. But initially, knols by other authors are being collected to present quickly study material to knol visitors in a book format.

A knol book can be developed as a collaborative textbook. In a collaborative Knol textbook, different authors write different chapters and this is predecided for authors join the collaboration as they come to know of the book's development.

Knol book of readings can also be developed. This model was started sometime early but was not used that frequently. Once again on Knol this model is becoming popular.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Textbook Writing can be rewarding on Knol

A knol author advocates that writing online textbooks on Knol can be rewarding. Authors can write a textbook in the form of 300 knols as one knol for each section in a chapter. If thousand persons read the book fully in a year around $300 to $400 income will come to an author. This can be a comparable income with print books on an expected result basis. If the book is read by 10,000 persons fully in year the income will be $3000 to $4000 per year.

While the per copy income will be low in online books, the probability of getting more visitors and readers is high on Knol as readers are accessing it free of cost and also readers from any country can access it at any time they want.

The knol comparing online publishing and print publishing

One more Knol Textbook launched - Equity Research

An online textbook on Equity Research was launched on Knol. Presently the scheme of the book is posted. This book will be based on the course plan posted on Knol.

Equity research course at NITIE

The book's link is

Equity Research Online Book

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Knol Textbook on Industrial Engineering in a 300 Knol Format

A Knol textbook on Industrial engineering was launched in a 300 knol format. Like medical books on Knol, it will take quiet sometime for the book to come into full shape. But the concept is being demonstrated through assembling of the existing knols on industrial engineering.

Introduction to Industrial Engineering - Online Textbook on Knol

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Online Writing - Various Purposes

Online Writing for promoting action

Online Writing for breaking news

Online Writing for coaching people

Online Writing for debates and discussion

Online Writing for for education

Online Writing for friendship and fellowship

Online Writing for greater good

Online Writing for health promotion

Online Writing for intellectual stimulation

Online Writing for journalistic pursuit

Online Writing for knowledge transfer

Online Writing for literary work

Online Writing for mastering a subject

Online Writing for

Online Writing for expressing opinions

Online Writing for poetry writing

Online Writing for questioning things

Online Writing for encouraging reading

Online Writing for creating study materials

Online Writing for developing textbooks

Online Writing for promoting understanding by explaining things from different perspectives

Online Writing for spreading your vision

Online Writing for spreading your wisdom

Online Writing for eXercise of your brain

Online Writing for connecting with youth

Online Writing for showing your zeal

Monday, November 1, 2010

Knol University Launched by a Knol Author

Knol University - Writing Knols, Promoting Knols, Gaining Reputation and Making Money, a Knol Collection was launched bya knol author.

Number of Knol authors have shared their ideas and practices on Writing Knols and Promoting Knols. Knol authors are happy to share their experience and thinking with fellow knol authors as well as new knol authors through Knols as well as through discussions in Knol discussion or bulletin boards or through comments on Knol Help knols or various other knols.

This collection is meant to showcase all such knols written to share experience in the area of writing and promoting knols.

Visit the collection that is slowly increasing by finding and adding more and more knols.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Summary Knols - Possibility on Knol

On Knol for some topics there are many knols. This provides an opportunity for some authors to write summary knols, summarising various issues raised by various authors in the many knols written on that topic.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

You can increase page views for your knols

Many knol authors are not doing promotion at all. They are simply posting a article for forgetting about it.

They need to notice that Knol indicates them to do some promotion immediately after a posting. Send an email to your friends, send a Twitter message. Make a blog post. You can increase page views to your knol through online promotion efforts. Do it and increase page views.

Are Page Views Low to Your Knols? Some TIPS to Increase Page Views

Success Stories on Knol of Google - October 2010

Success stories are coming out on Knol day by day.

Page views per day of 65,000 registered for a single knol.
Page views per week of 95,000 registered for a single knol.
Knol portfolios are having steady page views and visitors numbers.
Authors are registering double figure adsense incomes every month. They will become three digits shortly.
Many authors have written 100 articles and more on Knol. Some have
Every day new authors registering.
Every day new knols are being written.
Knol authors are winning prizes.
Knol authors are addressing digital media conferences.
Knol authors are using knols to deliver material in their classes.
Knol authors are using knols to deliver study materials to various institutions in their country.
Knol content is getting appreciated in various forums.

96,000 Page views in a week, 65,000 page views in a day for a Knol

Success stories keep coming on Knol frequently these days.
The Charter 08 on China is a big hit on Knol. It registered 96,000 page views in the current week and 65,000 occurred in single day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Facebook Pages for Fans - Knol Pages for Knowledge Transfer

Win and Keep customers by sharing knowledge


From Knol Content Policy

COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY: You may use Knol to create articles for your business or to promote your lawful products or services that are not otherwise prohibited by our Content Policy or Terms of Service, unless you are in Cuba, Iran, Burma (Myanmar), North Korea, Syria, or Sudan.


Knol as a platform focuses on knowledge articles. The articles inform and educate the readers on issues of interest to the readers. Companies can transfer product knowledge, operating instructions for their products and maintenance information of their products by posting them on Knol as knowledge articles. Such posts will be legitimate content as per the content policy of the Knol. Even companies can publish their balance sheet information of Knol. It is essential information for investors, investment analysts and students, It is useful information.

See more detailed discussion in an article on Knol

Thursday, October 7, 2010

50 percent increase in Visitors and Page Views on Knol

Knol site is providing increasing visitors and pageviews to authors. Compared to blogs knol portfolios are delivering better results. It is happening because knol is a better organized platform. There are facilities for collaboration on invidual article basis, knol collection facility and facility for embedding number of different items. Knol is a genuine multimedia vehicle.

Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good New Content on Knol Every Day

Access good author community selected good new content on Knol everyday by visiting

Interesting New Knols

A new author initiative. Knol authors now understand things much better about articles platforms and Knol's strategy. Marketing of content is now the responsibility of authors. They started doing it. All the best knol authors. Many of you are reputed professionals. Keep doing your good work. You are very passionate persons. You brought Knol to this happy state.

There is a lot of good content. Bring it out and showcase it day by day.

Knol Growing Day by Day 2nd October 2010

Knol, the Google's article publishing platform is growing day by day. In recent days on many days more than 800 articles are being published. This give around 200,000 new knols in a year which is a good number. Page views for leading authors are going up. Adsense earnings are coming every month for some authors. More professors and students are writing on the platform.

No doubt being an open platform, there are variety of topics. But the platform is focusing on knowledge based articles as the main product. Whenever and wherever, the platform is advertised for promoting online writing, this aspect of knowledge is highlighted. Its special promotion with organizations is to publish education materials and research papers. Even though some people are criticizing some articles on it, it is not biased criticism, as they are attacking an obvious point, when a platform is open to write, there will be irrelevant stuff. Knol will not spend resources to remove it. But its spends resources to search and show relevant stuff of the enquirer. As one goes below and below, relevance is less and irrelevance is more. The readers know it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

30,000 viisitors in a month for a knol author

Visitors are increasing for knol portfolios of various authors.

Narayana Rao reported that monthly visitors number has crossed 30,000 today.

Knol Author News

Friday, September 10, 2010

Half-Truths Crippling Knol Platform

Half-Truths Crippling Knol Authors and Knol

Marketing is not required.
Quantity is bad.
Every knol author has to be a great writer.
High quality graphics are essential
Many knol authors are posting spam content
Comments should not be freely allowed.
People benefit a lot by leaving their links on my knol.

Google India Blog: Inviting all children to ‘Doodle’ their dreams for India

Google India Blog: Inviting all children to ‘Doodle’ their dreams for India

Google is organizing a drawing competition for Indian Children

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gold Medal to Knol Authors

Three knol-author professors of NITIE, Mumbai, India were awarded the Gold Medal for their initiative of Course Knols -Assignment Knols in three subjects.

The award was given Association for Indian Management Schools in their Annual Management Convention held during 26 - 28, August 2010.

Community of Learning and Practice on Knol

Knol - A Unique ICT Resource for Faculty Members

Knol is criticized in social media for some of its features. But now a presentation of Knol-author professors in an award event brings out the fact that those features make Knol a unique ICT resource of faculty across the world.

Use of Knol to support the courses at NITIE by three professors was adjudged as the best innovation in the assessment made at the Annual Management Convention 2010 of Association Indian Management Schools.

Faculty members can post their course plans, course materials under their name, add the names of some of their students as coauthors appropriately, encourage their students to post their individual assignments as well as group assignments on knol and make their course learning materials accessible to all the faculty members and students across the globe. Such access of course materials makes it possible assembly of best study materials for any course in future by any faculty member as per his choices. Students of a course can also search the web for resources and suggest or include such resources in the course material of a course.

Thus the knol based course materials provide a spiraling effect to upgrade the quality of course materials available to any learner.

The point was well appreciated by the participants present. This Knol project at NITIE was awarded the Gold Medal.

Knol - A Unique ICT Resource for Faculty Members

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wave May Have Had Less Users, But Knol Has Many Users

Many people in social media wrote that knol also needs to be closed after wave.

But none of the people who expressed this opinion gave any estimates of users of knols. Users of knol are authors and as well as readers of knol.

There many authors on knol. Many of them have posted good content and have received good number of visitors to their articles.

We classified knols as trending knols, interesting knols and most viewed knols. There are around 4000 authors who were given most viewed author badges.

Interesting knols could be around 25,000. In a year's time this interesting knol number can reach 50,000.

Knol is a thriving platform and social media commentators have to interact with various members of knol author associations through comments route on knols to know more about knol and then present facts in their articles. We being active knol authors have not come across any comments by these social media writers on our knols.

Reputed Knol Authors Active On Knol

Monday, August 23, 2010

Good and Great Things on Knol - Authors - Knols - Technology

Google knol has the backing of the users. There are number of authors. There are number of readers.

There are many highly qualified and experienced professionals and professors as authors on knol.

There are many popular articles with thousands of page views showing that there readers and useful content on knol.

Why many qualified started writing on knol? Its technology and reputation appealed to them.

See the details of authors, knols and technology in

Good and Great Things on Knol - Authors - Knols - Technology

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Knol Has Good Content and very Good Content

India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols - Knol Lists

Interesting Knols by USA Authors and Knols on USA

Interesting English Knols

Above these interesting there knols with most viewed knol badge. Knols having more than 5000 page views.

Most Viewed Knols List

Knol has got now good and very good content. It is growing day by day. Knol authors now know that they have got good content on their platform. Knol author groups are actively working for increasing knols as well as to continuously update knols and improve them.

Any articles on knol are not current news and events. So the update frequencies required are very less.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trending Knols 21.8.2010 updated

Trending Knols

Interesting English Knols - Lists

Knol has lot of good content. Sufficient avenues are not there on knol to highlight good content. As one of the tech commentators said Google is not providing enough follow up support to its products and products are suffering for it. Knol is suffering because of that only. Authors who did good work are not being recognized. Recognition has to be given to thousands of authors and not to one or two or three. The mechanism has to be designed for it.

Interesting English Knols Lists is mechanism to record knols with 500 page views or more and thus recognize the contribution of authors and provide support to their knols to take them to higher page view performance levels.

Interesting English Knols - Lists

These lists are a part of Knol Directory of Interesting Knols Project.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

USA Knol Directory

A directory of USA Knols, knols written by USA based knol authors and knols written on USA topics related to history, economy, tourism etc. are being prepared.

USA Knol Directory

Sunday, August 15, 2010

One More Two Million Page View Author

Hungarian author Gyorgy Tausz registered two million page views on knol.


One More Knol Writing Competition

Knol Writing Competitions are helping in getting more knols and new knol authors. KAF members have organized one competition and the competition entries are now being evaluated. One more competition is now announced for Indian Residents.

Essay Writing Competition - Teachers' Day - Gandhiji's Birthday - 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meterjam - Mumbaikars' Protest Against Autos and Taxis Gathering Steam

Meter Jam - Mumbaikars Protest Against Autos and Taxis

The movement is gaining momentum with more newspapers covering the movement, more peope joining on website, facebook and twitter and people exchanging the news through word of mouth.

More blog posts are appearing and the article is further updated with recent blog posts.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Meter Jam - Mumbaikars' Protest Against Autos and Taxis

Meter Jam - Mumbaikar's Protest Against Autos and Taxis

The article is further updated with news item links and blog posts.

The article has attracted 640 page views so far and doing a good service for the social cause.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meter Jam - Mumbaikars' Protest Against Autos and Taxis 12 August

Meter Jam - Mumbaikars' Protest Against Autos and Taxis

Knol is doing its bit for promoting this cause. 400 page views are registered so far for this article. More content is being added to provide more information to visitors about the event. More and more twitter messages are appearing supporting the event.

More news papers are covering and NGOs are expressing support.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Knol is able to Support Social Causes.

Knol article writing platform is contributing to the knowledge and mass communication areas significantly.

Knols authors are publishing very high end research papers, essays explaining the recent scientific theories and concepts, essays useful for classroom learning, essays useful for professionals in various fields, essays for common people to understand various issues and also article that support social causes.

Some of the articles are catching the attention of readers very quickly and within hours of publicatons they get hundred page views. Some of these knols or articles are identified in trending knol collection.

Today a knol is published on meter jam, a protest day in Mumbai against problems created by taxi services. The knol attracted around 70 page views in the first hour of publication.

Meter Jam - Mumbaikars' Protest Against Autos and Taxis

Thus the social media role of knol is getting fulfilled. Knol authors will support more social causes through their articles in future.

Trending Knols 7.8.2010

Trending Knols

A knol supporting a social cause is trending today.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Top Five Languages of the World

1. Chinese - There are many dialects of Chinese of which the most spoken, by far, is Mandarin (about 850 million), followed by Wu (90 million), Cantonese (Yue) (70 million) and Min (70 million).

2. Hindi- Hindi is an Indo-Aryan language with about 490 million speakers who use it as a first language and up to 225 million who use it as a second language.

3. English: Approximately 341 million people speak English as a native language and a further 267 million speak it as a second language in over 104 countries.

4. Spanish- The Spanish language is spoken by more than 358 million people in Spain, the Americas, Australia, and Africa. In the early 21st century, Mexico had the greatest number of speakers (more than 85 million), followed by Colombia (more than 40 million), Argentina (more than 35 million), the United States (more than 31 million), and Spain (more than 30 million). Spanish is the official language of all these countries except the United States.

5. Arabic: In the Middle East and North Africa it is the first language that is spoken by 280 million people. 250 million speak it as a second language

Source: Knol Author Foundation

Translate Feature of Google - Knol


and make it easy for readers to read your knol in their own language.

You include one language for translation. Later, the reader can replace that language by the language of his choice.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Many New Knol Authors on Twitter

These days every day I find new knol authors on twitter and follow them. Today I followed around 10 new knol authors.

Knol is Strong Now

Knol has completed two years of public operations successfully.

Right from the start there is negative opinion knol in the online media. Print media is silent on knol. One does not read much in print about knol. But in online media the negative opinion continues.

But what about the authors? Authors are putting more and more efforts on knol. There are more authors who posted more than 100 knols. There are authors who registered 100,000 page views and their number is going to dramatically increase this year.

There are many successful initiatives floated by authors on their own and as groups. The involvement of knol authors on social media is increasing. Twitter is an example of this. More and more knol authors are active on twitter.

There is very useful content on knol. Many knol authors are expressing their satisfaction that the content available on knol is enriching their knowledge.

Best wishes for the success of knol in coming years.

Knol Progress 2008 - 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August - One more Update in the Day

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August

The campaign started with a good start.

140 page views on the first day and 95 page views so far on the second day shows more authors and visitors are appreciating the idea.

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August Updated

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August updated

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August updated

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August

India Knol Month Formally Launched

India Knol Month is a campaign launched to promote knol in India. The objective is to increase knol authors and readers for knol in India. The period of the campaign is from 16th July to 15th August. The last day will be promoted as India Knol Day.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Interesting Hindi Knols More Entries Made

Interesting Hindi Knols

Interesting Hindi knols is a complementary knol to India Knol Month and India Knol Day initiatives to increase knol writers and knol readers in India.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Knol Sub-Directory - India - Interesting Knols Updated

Knol Sub-Directory - India - Interesting Knols

Now there are 83 knols in the directory. Still many more are to be added. It will be good if knol authors come forward to include their knols.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Knol Directory of Interesting Knols Updated

Knol Directory of Interesting Knols

More and more interesting knols are appearing on Knol. The primary criterion for categorizing as an interesting knol is 500 page views and more such knols are appearing every day. But knol authors are not yet enthusiastic about including their knol links in various directories.

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August updated

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August

Knol Sub-Directory - India - Interesting Knols

Knol Sub-Directory - India - Interesting Knols

The directory further updated. Frequently the directory is updated in view of India Knol Month

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Knol Day of Industrial Engineering 7th July 2010

Achieved its first objective. Getting some more articles on Industrial Engineering.
Achieved its second objectives. Getting some more visitors to articles on Industrial Engineering. There are still 24 hours global time for getting some more things on the oocasion.

Now other authors can announce and organize knol days for other subjects and make the days much better successes.

Knol Day of Industrial Engineering

Trending Knols 7.7.2010 updated

Trending Knols

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Knol Promotion Board - More Knols Added

Knol Promotion Board

One More 100,000 Page View Knol Author

Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors

Dr. Andrew became 137th knol author to register 100,000 page views on knol.

Knol Author News - June 2010 - 27.6.2010 posted

Knol Author News - June 2010

Trending Knols of 27.6.2010

Trending Knols

27 June 2010

Knol 3D Story-boards et planches d'images des animations 81 page views in 14 hours

WATCH TWILIGHT ECLIPSE ONLINE 5000 pv in the first week
WATCH TWILIGHT ECLIPSE ONLINE 2110 pv in the first week
LIS Compendium 700 pv in the first week
Théorie, L'Trou-Noir approché par Obscur-Energie & Champs-électromagnétiques, devient «Graines de l'Espace-Temps Impl... 1000 pv in the first week
Ringworm (Tinea Corporis, Tinea Faciei) Page 2 798 page views

Visual Studio COBOL 4278 in the first month
The Clear Warning 3000 pv in the first month
Teoría propone que los Agujeros Negro interceptados por la Energía-Oscura y los Campos-Electromagnéticos, se conviert... 3000 pv in the first month

Knol Promotion Board - More Knols Added

Knol Promotion Board

Friday, June 25, 2010

Knol is Now Giving Visitors and Page Views to Authors

Authors who started on knol have waited for almost two years to get a satisfactory visitors and page view numbers.

Suddenly in the last two days I had a spike in visitors numbers that give lot of satisfaction. It increased my confidence in the knol platform. I can now work with full confidence that knol is a good platform for me as a writer.

On 24.6.2010 287 pages were viewed and 2217 page views were recorded. This is giving 8 page views per knol for the knols which were visited. This is a pretty high number. Will every author get these numbers just because he posts an article on knol? Obviously no. Authors have to write on topics of interest, they have to put in adequate content, Do social media promotion and implement search engine optimization. Knol in not going market each and every article. It is not going to recommend also each and every article. Knol and Google have search crtieria and only those articles that pass the search criteria will be even shown to visitors in a knol search. Forget marketing, your article will not even show up on knol unless it has adequate quality. If you write good articles, knol now has the demonstrated ability to provide you visitors and page views.

Do you want them?

Trending Knols 25.6.2010 updated

Trending Knols

Knol Promotion Board 49 pv in 9 hours
Surfs Up - On Honeymoon In Brazil 80 pv in 18 hours

Marketing Management, 13th edition, Philip Kotler, Book Information and Review 389 pv in a day
Communication: Importance and Definition 158 pv in a day
Marketing Strategy - Differentiating and Positioning the Market Offering 158 pv in a day all three based on google analytics data more than 100 page views per day

Knol Promotion Board Opened

Knol Promotion Board

Authors can include the links of their knols on this promotion board to inform their fellow authors and visitors.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trending Knols Updated - News of 2700 page view per day

Trending Knols

More knols trending and page views improving.

The top author of knol has 100% increase in page views in the last 2 days. A big upturn in performance. This upturn is long overdue.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Knol is on its way to success

Knol is closing its second year with storng performance.

Knol Bulletin (Message) Board for Authors and Visitors

A top author reported that in two days there was 100% increase in page views for his knols. Today (23.6.2010) his page view figure is 2,232 and is likely to touch 2500 by end of the day. 100% increase in two days is a big jump and it will sustain because it has come through organic visitors.

Trending Knols 23.6.2010 posted

Trending Knols

Piano 300 pv first day

Théorie, L'Trou-Noir approché par Obscur-Energie & Champs-électromagnétiques, devient «Graines de l'Espace-Temps Impl... 100 pv

Los peores 23 dictadores del Mundo y Estados fallidos 70 pv

World Music Day - June 21 505 pv on the fifth

Page Views Exploding on Knol

Page views are going up on knol.

For today, Narayana Rao reports 250 page views in 2 hours at the start of the day, if the trend continues throughout the day, 2500 page views can be registed which will be top end performance for a knol portfolio.

More and more knol authors will report such page view performances in due course of time.

World Music Day - June 21 - More Knols Added

World Music Day - June 21

Knol is a trending knol. 500 page views in four days. Still attracting visitors

Monday, June 21, 2010

World Music Day - June 21 - More Music Knols

World Music Day - June 21

More carnatic music knols added. Slowly knol will have a large number carnatic music knols with audio and video versions and lyrics and their meaning.

Trending Knols updated Many New knols Trending

Trending Knols

World Music Day - June 21 - Knol Update

World Music Day - June 21

The music lovers on knol are visting music knols on the occasion of world music day. Music knols are trending today.

Tyagaraja Kirtana - Sukhi Evaro Ramanaama
Tyaagaraaja Kirtana - Sangita Jnaanamu
Tyaagaraaja Kirtana - Bantu Rithi
Tyaagaraaja Kirtana - Sri Gananatham

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trending Knols - 17.6.2010 updated

Trending Knols

Trending Knols of 17.6.2010

Teoria propõe, que Buraco Negro abordado pela Energia Escura e Campos Electromagneticos, se-tornar em "Sementes para ... (Portuguese Knol translated knol) 189 pv in 17 hours

Collaborative Medical Books - Knol Medical Books - Authors 185 pv on second day

Gout 862 pages

Knol Author News - 1050 visitors per day for a knol author

Knol Author News - June 2010

Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. a knol author reported 1050 visitors on 16.6.2010 for his knol portfolio an all time record.
Visitors and page views are steadily increasing for knol authors.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trending Knols - Updated

Trending Knols

Trending Knols of 12.6.2010

Breaking Informative and Interesting News from Around the World More than 200 pv on second day

Black Holes approached by Dark Energy & Electromagnetic Fields, becomes “Seeds for Space-Time Implosion & the Creatio... 1046 wpv
Colombia National Football Team 1037 wpv
"Quick Test Professional" - Software Test Automation Tool 885 wpv
Paris Metro 824 wpv
How to Stop Wisdom Tooth Pain 817 wpv
Dry Tooth Socket : Dry Socket : Alveolar Osteitis 807 wpv

Mobile Google Calendars & Contacts 736 wpv

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Knol - Forms, Types and Varieties Updated

Knol offers great flexibility for creating variety of written materials for dissemination of knowledge to eager learners.
This knol lists number of forms of knols and gives examples knols already written in that format.
Enthusiastic writers can decidewhat forms they want to employ in their writing.

Knol - Forms, Types and Varieties

Knol - Forms, Types and Varieties Updated

Knol - Forms, Types and Varieties

Knol - Forms, Types and Varieties - Updated

Knol - Forms, Types and Varieties

Friday, June 4, 2010

Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors - Knol Updated

Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors

Three authors are going to cross the milestone next week.

In 23 months, only 128 authors cross the milestone. But now, more and more authors are going to cross the milestone every month increasing the number of active and successful knol authors.

Knol Bulletin Board 2010 Updated 4.6.2010

Knol Bulletin Board 2010, for Authors and Visitors.

One more author Gary Pilarchik has crossed 100,000 page view milestone.

New Knol - New Knol Author Tips - Social Media

New Knol Author Tips - Social Media

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trending Knols - New Knol Identified - 30.5.2010

Trending Knols

New Trending knol 38 pv in the first hour

New Knol - Green Cities and Towns of India - Green Certification of Indian Cities and Towns

Green Cities and Towns of India - Green Certification of Indian Cities and Towns

The new knol is posted by Dr. K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao on rating exercise in India.

125 th knol Author with 100,000 page views

Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors

On 29.5.2010, Dr. J.Resneck's knol portfolio registered 100,000 cumulative page views. In this month he is the second person to achieve this distinction after we started monitoring it. Tomorrow one more author will cross this milestone. Next month many more will cross this finish line. Great going for knol.

Delicious Bookmarks for Knol and Knols Submitted During the Last One Month

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Recent Twitter Messages About Knol In the Last 24 Hours

Click on the twitter search link

Trending Knols Updated

Trending Knols Updated 29.5.2010

Knol Author News 29.5.2010

Knol Author News